The Dream Team - Andy G, Jon B, Jovi, Lee, Dave

Dave Hooper

Organic Training started in Medway at the University of Kent in the spring of 2012. The courses and company has grown organically ever since, with students from previous courses contributing to the delivery of courses. I really enjoy the teaching and learning process, particularly watching students develop their own style of fitness delivery.

I have been very fortunate to be able to combine teaching, health and fitness coaching with travel. 

The Boss

Jonathan Beal - Teacher & Assessor

Jovi Gill - Teacher & Assessor

Jovi has worked for Organic Training since he completed his Sports Science at the University of Kent. He then moved into teaching at Seevic College where he was head of the Gym instructor and Personal Trainer courses. He has since branched into Nutrition delivery but often returns as an assessor and teacher for the part-time courses.

Very passionate trainer and enjoys starting new projects.


We're very proud of our team, each and every one has a story and a perspective that adds to Organic Training. From world travel to volunteering, to community work in Africa, our team has done it all, and continue to push towards growth and expanding our world view.

Jon has been more involved with Organic Training in the past few seasons. A very keen traveler and passionate fitness instructor he has brought his IT skill to Organic Training to great effect. He successfully ran a personal training company in Canterbury while completing his Sports Science degree at University of Kent. Currently setting up his own online coaching company and often joins the teaching staff when in the Country.


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