All types of training are taught on the courses.

To Practical Gym Skills

Subjects are taught practically within the gym and PT studio setting. 'Hands-on' teaching is the only way to go.

And Outdoor Activities

Taking the client outside the comfort zone in a controlled and deliberate manner, the best way to get results.

The Organic Training Company

Our main focus is personal, face to face teaching where you can learn the skills necessary to succeed within the health and fitness industry. We believe that in order to get the most from your qualification that practical hands on training is not only the best way to go, but the only way.

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From Sport Conditioning

What is social proof? Simply put, it’s positive influence when a consumer finds out that others are satisfied with something you are doing.

It’s also known as informational social influence.


— P. From the original course.

Where nurturing home grown talent is our speciality

Next Courses being delivered are Summer (Apr/May) 2024

Gym Instructor (L2)                            Cost £685

Personal Trainer (L3)                         Cost £885

Circuit Trainer (L2)                             Cost £155

Strength & Conditioning (L3)        Cost £TBC



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  All Gym/PT instruction Courses are hybrid (Theory - Online, Practical Application - F2F), taught in the BBG Gym, Sevenoaks. Throughout  your course you will have access to a personal tutor and qualified PT mentor to help you realise your full potential and get the most out of the learning experience.


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" The clients I have met and trained while traveling throughout Australia and New Zealand (after graduating University)  have become more than just clients, They have become friends for life and transformed my whole travel experience. I benefited soooo much from their contact.  The PT opportunity  made me much more socially mobile and the clients that became friends made sure that I saw the 'true' Australian culture and people.  
I am so pleased I completed the course while at Uni, otherwise I'd be working as a waitress staring at the Aussie sun through a window or under a tree picking fruit! "

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